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About Me


Since graduating from art school in the year 2002,
clay is a significant part of whom and what I am.

In my studio, I teach pottery and create my own works of art and 
When I create I tend to draw upon qualities such as rawness and imperfection. In those qualities, I find much beauty and inspiration.

My pottery, characterised my minimalist lines, rustic surfaces and early tones - I love the feeling of raw clay between my fingers and the look of basic pallet that merges with the textures clays I use.

Pottery is a craftsmanship that requires a lot of skill and attention. it is also needs a fair amount of determination and devotion. 

I believe that slowing down a little, shall give us the opportunity, to really enjoy the feeling and qualities that handmade objects brings to our lives.

You are welcome to visit my online shop on Etsy

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